5 Apps Every Singaporean Should Have in 2022

With 2021 coming to a close, it’s time to take a look at the top apps we used this year, as well as the apps you should have in preparation for 2022.

According to the Apple App Store’s top chart in Singapore, the 10 most popular apps are:

  1. TraceTogether
  2. Whatsapp
  3. Singpass
  4. Youtube
  5. Telegram
  6. TikTok
  7. Instagram
  8. Google Maps
  9. Facebook
  10. Gmail

As you would expect, the one and only app that allows us to enter malls, dine in, and attend functions ranks at the top.

60% of the apps are utilitarian in nature, with TikTok remaining popular and Gmail making the list due to WFH.

But are these apps still going to be relevant in 2022? Let’s break down what I think are 5 apps every Singaporean should have in 2022.


Image from TraceTogether

It is a love-hate relationship with TraceTogether. We love using it to conveniently enter locations and prove our vaccination status. But we hate using it as it means the pandemic is still ongoing.

Unfortunately though, it does not seem like the pandemic is dying down anytime soon with the Omicron variant ravaging through communities.

Contact tracing cannot be abolished due to the uncertainties of Omicron and vaccinated differentiated measures have to continue to nudge 100% of the population towards vaccination. 

But hey, you can continue looking at the cute otters swimming on your screen every time you check in, right?

Screenshot from TraceTogether


Image from Singpass

Next up on the list is Singpass, the all in one app for Government services.

With Singpass, you can do all of these with a single log in: 

  1. View your CPF balance
  2. Apply for leave on NSPortal
  3. Pay your taxes on MyTax portal
  4. View National Exam results
  5. Present your digitised driving license
  6. View your declared yearly income
  7. Apply for credit cards with one click
  8. Verify identity with Fintech firms
  9. Use your SingapoRediscover vouchers (before 31 December 2021)

This list goes on as more features are developed by GovTech. One recent feature is the ability to use digital ICs at Government Agencies straight from Singpass.

Screenshot from Singpass

The ability to do all these with one app is truly amazing, but please set a secure and unique password for your Singpass account to protect all your personal data.


Image from SimplyGo

Ever since the introduction of Account Based Ticketing in Singapore through SimplyGo in 2019, we had an alternative method to pay for Public Transport.

Instead of using EZ-Link cards to pay for your bus and MRT rides, we have the option of using debit or credit cards directly at the gantries, earning cashback, miles, or even crypto in the process.

By downloading the SimplyGo app, we can track the stats of each transaction made on the public transport network and access features that include:

  1. Viewing breakdown of fares for combined bus and MRT journeys
  2. Viewing duration taken for each leg or journey
  3. Filing claims for incorrect fares
  4. Receiving fare notifications every time you tap out
Screenshot from SimplyGo

What’s more, you can get access to certain promotions like cash rewards for taking bus 43e on weekday mornings with one click.

Image from SimplyGo

It’s 2022 soon, use your phone’s NFC payment methods such as Apple, Google or Samsung Pay to tap the gantry instead of fumbling for your EZ-Link card.


Image from ScamShield

Scams have become more prevalent in this pandemic as we spend more time on our digital devices.

You definitely received phishing messages and scam calls pretending to be government departments like MOH, or banks like DBS trying to get your money.

These scams got so pervasive that Singapore’s overall crime rate got pushed to its highest level in 10 years, prompting the government to take action.

Enter ScamShield, an iOS app developed by the National Crime Prevention Council to block out suspicious calls and SMS securely.

ScamShield operates a central database managed by the Singapore Police Force to compare against the incoming phone number. If the +65 number made to you is in the database, the call will be blocked.

For SMS, ScamShield filters spam messages made by people not in your contact and stores them in a junk SMS folder for you to view them if needed.

To set ScamShield up, simply follow the instructions on the app and enable permissions for ScamShield to identify calls and filter SMS.

Screenshot from ScamShield

You are right to feel concerned about the potential privacy concerns with this app, but according to ScamShield:

iOS has strict privacy rules on what ScamShield can or cannot read. If a message comes from a known contact, iOS will not pass the SMS to Scamshield. If you have previously interacted with an unknown contact or decided to engage an unknown contact in conversation then ScamShield will not get to see the message either. Only messages sent by unknown persons via SMS will be read by the AI. The app also does not have any access to your location data or any personal data (because it’s not necessary!)

If you are comfortable with their methods, feel free to use the app to get much fewer calls from “MOH” at 8am and fewer “Bro want to borrow money?” messages.


Image from Strava

Everytime it comes to a new year, we make resolutions to exercise, get fitter, and eat healthier. But how many of you actually stick to them for more than a few months?

Strava takes care of that. As a social platform, Strava allows you and your friends to share personal runs and compete with one another for the top place in each running route.

Screenshot from Strava

It also tracks your fitness progress every time you record your workout with a fitness tracker like Apple Watch or your phone.

This inevitably creates a mini competition between you and your friends, nudging one another to complete more runs.

Now that will keep your new year resolutions achievable, stay healthy, especially during COVID.


I know, it is unsettling to know that the pandemic will carry into 2022, leaving us to find comfort in our devices instead of social gatherings (RIP karaoke).

But with these 5 apps that I went over, you can rest assured to make the best out of your digital life in this current climate, be it health, finance or convenience.

What other apps do you think are essential for Singaporeans in 2022? Let us know in the comments below and we will feature you on our Instagram.

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