Hawker Pals 2023 Guide

Google Pay Hawker Pals 2023 Guide: How To Earn Up To S$105 In Cashback

Google Pay is back with yet another mini-game for National Day, and the rewards are almost double of last year’s Lion City cake mini-game. This year’s rendition is called Hawker Pals revolving around feeding Visiting Pals by completing tasks.

From 8 to 20 August 2023, you can play as a hawker and serve up delicious local dishes to four hungry customers. By doing so, you can earn scratch cards with cashback rewards of up to S$105 and other exclusive merchant vouchers.

If it sounds oddly similar to Huat Pals, it probably is, since it’s basically the same game without the gifting and collecting mechanism. But who doesn’t love free cashback and vouchers? Let’s get into the festive spirit and dive right in.

How It Works

[Hawker Pals 2023] How to collect dishes
How to collect dishes [Photo from Google]

Hawker Pals can be accessed via the Google Pay app. All you need to do is complete different payment actions every day, such as sending money to a friend, making a PayNow/FavePay transaction, or answering a trivia question about Singapore. 

[Hawker Pals 2023] Complete a short trivia on Singapore
Singapore Trivia [Photo from Google]

Each action will allow you to serve one of the three dishes to each of the four customers. The dishes include steamed egg, chilli crab and more. Sadly these delicacies are only virtual..

How to feed the Hawker Pals [Photo from Google]

The four customers are Meow Shanwang, Orh Lua & Orh Nee, Merina Baey, and a mystery customer who will appear on National Day. They are all based on local icons and characters that Singaporeans will recognise and love.

Each time you complete a round of serving all three dishes to one customer, you will get a scratch card with a cashback reward in the range represented in the table below:

RoundCashback amount
1 (8 Aug – 10 Aug)S$0.80 – S$5.80
2 (11 Aug – 13 Aug)S$2.58 – S$15.80
3 (14 Aug – 17 Aug)S$3.58 – S$25.80
4 (18 Aug – 20 Aug)S$4.58 – S$58

Each round will only be available for 3 days, so make sure to complete the tasks within the window. Tasks are not double counted for the next Pal.

Once you complete all four rounds, you can get 4 scratch cards that add up to a total cashback of up to S$105. The cashback will be credited to your bank account linked to Google Pay. 

More Than Just Cashback

[Hawker Pals 2023] Hawker Scanner
Hawker Scanner [Photo from Google]

Besides playing Hawker Pals for cashback, you can also use the Hawker Scanner feature on Google Pay to scan items that you see in your daily life, such as fruits, vegetables, and hawker centre items. 

Each successful scan will earn you vouchers from partners such as JBL, Sephora, 6ixty8ight, Sony, Irvin’s, Gain City, Ryde, Suntec+, or TADA. You can use these vouchers to enjoy discounts and deals on your favourite products and services.

Join The Celebration

If you haven’t downloaded Google Pay yet, now is the best time to do so. Google Pay is a fast and secure way to pay online, in stores, and across Google products. You can also send money to friends and family, earn rewards and cashback, and discover new places to eat and shop.

To join the Hawker Pals game and enjoy the rewards, download the Google Pay app on the Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iOS). If you don’t have a Google Pay account yet, feel free to use my invite link for S$3 upon your first purchase.

Remember, this mini-game lasts only from 8 August to 20 August 2023. Happy scanning and Happy National Day!

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