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Samsung Smart Monitor M5 Review: A Smart StandAlone Samsung Screen

Have you ever used your external monitor to watch your favourite Netflix shows? Without a display input device like a Laptop or Desktop, your monitor is essentially functionless.

But what if we integrated some of the processing power that Smart TVs already have, into a monitor?

That result is the Samsung Smart Monitor M5, a device capable of internet browsing and video streaming all on its own.

Find out about the pros and potential pitfalls of this unique recombinant of a monitor.

Logitech G Fits Review: Earbuds That Mould To Your Ears

Have you ever heard of bespoke earbuds? Ones that have eartips custom-made to your ears? Well, Logitech has found a way to do just that with the G Fits, without needing a trip down to do your measurements.

Besides its unique proposition, the G Fits is everything premium: good gesture support, awesome audio and a well polished app.

But like everything, this is not perfect. It has one particular feature missing that makes it stick out like a sore thumb. Read more in the full review.

Oppo Find N2 Flip Featured Image

Oppo Find N2 Flip Review: Oppo Has Outdone Themselves

The Oppo Find N2 Flip is Oppo’s first foray into the flip phone market. Its affordable price and creaseless hinge design have garnered rave reviews. So how good is it ? And has it outdone Samsung’s pioneering Z Series? Find out in this deep dive.