11 Tech Gift Ideas For Christmas In Singapore

It’s that time of the year again, slightly more than a week left till Christmas and you are stuck at choosing the perfect gift.

There are simply too many options to choose from: fancy shirts, watches, tech gadgets, or even shopping vouchers for the uncreative.

But for those who are looking to please your tech enthusiast friends, here are 11 ideas for the ideal tech Christmas gift at each price range.

For the budget conscious

Starting with the budget conscious gifters. Maybe this friend of yours isn’t as close to you, or if you’re trying to find something simple. 

The gadgets in this price range are below S$60 and will ensure you don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

AirTag (S$45)
Image from PixaBay

If you have a friend that both uses an iPhone and regularly loses their items, the new AirTag will help locate them by leveraging Apple’s Find My network.

As mentioned in our review, the AirTag is not a GPS tracker. It piggybacks off Apple devices in the vicinity to broadcast its location.

By using the Find My app, they can play a series of beeps on the AirTag if it is nearby, else, provide directions to find their item.

This simple bluetooth tracker will run you S$45. View them on Shopee here.

Moft Laptop Stand (S$32)
Image from Moft

Ever had neck aches from using your laptop for too long? Yeah me too. We hunch over to look at the screen since it’s not at eye level.

This bad sitting posture makes your shoulder and neck muscles tense. One way to solve this is by placing a thick item below your laptop, but who wants to lug around something large along with your laptop?

Moft’s invisible laptop stand can solve this issue. This 0.3 cm adhesive stand can unfold to prop up your laptop at a 15° or 25° angle while withstanding up to 8kg of weight.

Gift this to your friend who is always on their laptop. View them on Amazon SG here.

UGreen 6 in 1 USB Hub (S$31.20)
Image from UGreen

Ever since laptop manufacturers wanted to make thinner and thinner laptops, they have been ditching USB-A ports for the thinner USB-C ports and removing HDMI and SD card slots.

Most modern thin and light ultrabooks like the Macbooks only come with a couple of USB-C ports which is simply insufficient.

A USB-C hub like UGreen’s can add up to 6 connections, including a SD/Micro-SD card slot and a 4K capable HDMI port.

This would be a handy, portable tool for your friend. View them on Amazon SG here.

Chromecast (S$59)
Image from Google

Who doesn’t want to watch their favourite Netflix or Disney+ show on the big screen? By plugging in your Chromecast, you can turn any HDMI capable display into a smart device.

When connected to the same wifi as your device, you can even mirror any content on your screen (Android only), perfect for showing off your photos.

View them on Amazon SG here.

For the majority

For the majority of gifters, products in this price range are generally enough to elicit a “wow” from your friend or family member.

S$70 to S$140 may not be a small amount to spend on a gift, but it can be worth it for your closer relations.

Ledger Nano S (S$86.61)
Image from Ledger

Crypto is a hot topic this year. You might have known a friend or two who have made multifold returns on their Shiba Inu coins.

However as the hacking of exchanges become more commonplace, it can be wise to secure their Crypto account or withdraw their Crypto into their own cold wallet.

Ledger’s Nano S features leading security features and is one of the most popular Crypto hardware wallets out there. View them on Amazon SG here.

Keychron K6 Mechanical Keyboard (S$129)
Image from KeyChron

With WFH set to still continue for 50% of workers, we pay more attention to the equipment we use on a daily basis, like our dual monitor set up and keyboards.

Keychron’s highly acclaimed keyboards offer hot key switching and a satisfying clack with each keypress.
Pamper your friend with a more satisfying typing experience, view them on Amazon SG here.

Belkin Dual Wireless Charger (S$73)
Image from Belkin

After Apple announced and eventually gave up on AirPower, third party firms started to come out with their own versions of multi device wireless chargers.

Belkin, a brand carried by Apple’s official stores, offers 10W charging speeds for 2 devices simultaneously.
Perfect for charging your phone and your wireless earphones together at night. View them on Amazon SG here.

Samsung T7 Portable SSD 500 GB (S$139)
Image from Samsung

Sometimes storage just isn’t enough on your laptop. And if you have a tough to service or unserviceable laptop, increasing the storage can be difficult.

Samsung’s T7, a fast portable SSD connects to an Android, Mac or Windows device via USB C or USB A and has fingerprint authentication built right in. View them on Amazon SG here.

For the ballers

For those who just want to up the ante in gifting, look no further than the list of most desired gifts in recent years.

Prices of these products are above S$300 and will definitely impress your giftee.

iPad (S$499)
Image from Derrick (Tech Composition)

The iPad 9th generation offers much for its price, the speedy A13 chip, access to quality apps like mentioned in our review.

The iPad can be an external monitor when used with a Mac, or a glorified Netflix binging device, or a gaming machine for Pokemon Unite. The list goes on.

You can’t really go wrong gifting an iPad, view them on Amazon SG here.

Nintendo Switch Gen 2 (S$395)
Image from Nintendo

Remember when we were all gathering in Animal Crossing during lockdown 1 2 years ago? Everyone was rushing to get a switch that pushed the price up dramatically.

But now when things have cooled down, why not get your close friend a Switch to relax with? Besides, the range of available games have grown substantially since then.

View them on Amazon SG here.

Airpods Pro with Magsafe (S$299)
Image from Apple

Smells like broke in here? Airpods are by far the most popular wireless earphones in the world. 

Coming with industry leading Active Noise Cancellation and instant pairing with iOS devices, these devices weren’t cheap when they were first announced (S$379). 

Since Apple’s October event, they updated the wireless charging case with magsafe compatibility. In addition, the price has been reduced to S$80, even for the newer model.

View them on Amazon SG here.


If you’re reading this article at least a week before Christmas, maybe it’s still not too late to prepare an actual gift, instead of gifting an embarrassing shopping voucher.

Tech gadgets are always welcome in Singapore with our high digital literacy. Make your friend’s day by gifting them the best tech gift you can at your chosen price range.

Are there any gift ideas you think should end up in the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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